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Medical advancements have led to an increase in everyday use of pharmaceutical drugs and implantation of medical devices for all types of physical needs. However, along with this rise has come an increase in injury and death due to these products. It is important to remember companies that develop, manufacture, distribute and market these products are for profit businesses. They develop these products to generate revenue for their shareholders and safety is often not their primary focus.

Over the past several decades numerous drugs and devices have been linked to serious injuries, life threatening conditions, birth defects and even death in patients.

We are a law firm dedicated to informing the public, focused on safety and well-being, and providing a resource that shares the latest news on pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices.  Over the years our attorneys have successfully represented and recovered financial compensation for thousands of individuals injured by these products.

Do not discontinue use of prescribed medications or medical care without first consulting with your doctor.  The information on this website is meant to be a resource and not replace medical advice or treatment.

We help clients injured by dangerous or defective drugs or medical device

Drug Safety

Find out about current and past recalls of over-the-counter and prescription medications, with relevant content information on ineffective, contaminated, and unsafe medication.

Medical Device Safety

Find out about current and past recalls of defective medical devices, with relevant information faulty, contaminated, and dangerous medical devices.

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