Medical devices are designed to heal, ease pain, and promote a healthy life. Sadly, many patients find the opposite to be true as adverse side effects, complications, or device defects cause them harm. What does that tell us about device safety?

Medical devices have revolutionized healthcare, but there is vast room for improvement as manufacturers test, regulate, and market their products. While manufacturers may be focused on profits, at Drug and Device Watch, our focus is you. We are dedicated to providing you with information about medical devices that could potentially be harmful so that you can make the best, most informed decisions about your health.   

Before a medical device can be used for treatment of a patient, it must be approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA considers several factors before approving a device, and monitors manufacturing to ensure compliance with safety standards.

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Medical devices are like any manufactured product, and they can malfunction, or have defects. When this happens, the result is patients experiencing adverse events that can cause side effects and serious health problems. 

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When medical devices malfunction, or the FDA receives complaints about defects or serious side effects, a recall may be issued.

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When problems are suspected or detected, the FDA will issue a safety alert warning consumers and healthcare providers about possible dangers of using a medical device. 

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Medical devices that malfunction or are defective can cause long-term, or even life-long complications for patients. In these cases, it is common for lawsuits to be filed against manufacturers. 

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