Hillrom overhead lift recall

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is classifying a recent overhead lift recall as a Class I, the most serious type of recall. The subject of this recall is the Hillrom Liko Multirall 200 Overhead Lift. The Hillrom overhead lift recall follows 34 complaints about the device malfunctioning. There are reports of 22 serious injuries and two deaths.

The Liko Multirall overhead lift is a transportation aid often used in hospitals and nursing homes. The device includes a track near the ceiling with a motorized handle. There are two carriage hooks attached to the handle that are used to clip in a sling-like seat that the patient sits in. Then, the patient can be easily moved across the room, or from room to room.

Hillrom overhead lift recall

Hillrom Overhead Lift Recall Information

According to the FDA recall announcement, there is a problem with the Multirall Q-link strap. It does not appropriately attach to the carriage hook, as it is designed to do. If the strap does not securely attach to the carriage hooks, the device fails and the patient and/or the motor unit could fall.

The risk of injury includes the patient falling to the floor or against objects in the room. Also, there is a risk of the motor unit falling, and potentially striking the patient or those nearby. So far, the FDA has 34 complaints about this defect.

Hillrom sent a notice to customers in December 2020 about the defect, and is still working to identify and document all of the affected units. They are also working on a replacement for the Q-link strap that they will provide to customers once their review is complete.

Products Subject to the Recall

Hillrom is recalling the Multirall system, including the following:

  • Liko Multirall 200 (product number 3130001)
  • Universal SlingBar 450 R2R (product number 3156095)
  • Universal SlingBar 350 R2R (product number 3156094)
  • Carriage D45 with Double Hook (product number 3136100)
  • Extension belts
    • 300-400 mm (product number 3136226)
    • 400-600 mm (product number 3136227)
    • 600-1000 mm (product number 3136228)
    • 1000-1400mm (product number 3136229)

Estimates suggest there are more than 11,000 units in this recall. The FDA is classifying this Hillrom lift recall as a Class I, which is the most serious classification of recall. A Class I recall means that using the product has a high risk of injury or death.

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